Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Ours is an assembly of shock, contrition, and dismay. Who would have believed that we life-loving Americans are capable of bringing death and destruction to so many innocent people? We are startled to discover how unmerciful, how beastly we ourselves can be. So we implore Thee, our Father in Heaven, help us to banish the beast from our hearts, the beast of cruelty, the beast of callousness....In the sight of so many thousands of civilians and soldiers slain, injured, crippled, of bodies emaciated, of forests destroyed by fire, God confronts us with this question: Where art Thou?"

Abraham Joshua Heschel, speaking in 1967 against the war in Vietnam


Arreptitious (ar-rep-TISH-us) - Given to raptures; possessed or mad.

I never knew there was such a pretty word that described me.

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