Friday, June 6, 2008

“When asked by a visitor to write the essence of practice, Zen Master Ikkyo simply wrote, ‘Attention.’ When pressed for more, he wrote “Attention, attention, attention!” Frustrated, the visitor asked what attention means, and Ikkyo said, “Attention means attention.”

Anne Rudloe, Butterflies on a Sea Wind: Beginning Zen

Paying attention. It seems like that would be simple to do. But it isn't. To pay attention means that all of the senses, as well as the mind, especially the mind, are focused on one "whatever". When we focus our entire beings on a face, a flower, or whatever we become painfully aware that we've lived practically all of our lives being inattentive.


Shivviness: The feeling of roughness caused by a new undergarment.

There's a word I am happy we no longer need, except it could be given new life and used to describe 1-ply toilet paper. A few years ago I decided I was too old to be scratching my behind any longer and switched to 3-ply paper. Whenever we travel someplace by car, I bring along a couple of rolls of 3-ply paper. I am too old for shivy toilet paper.

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