Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ovulation and How Women Dress

Photograph © 2007 by Julius Lester

According to a recent study by researchers at UCLA and the University of Wisconsin-Eau, “Near ovulation, women dress to impress. They tend to put on skirts instead of pants, show more skin, and generally dress more fashionably.”

Thirty co-eds in “committed relationships” were tracked through an “entire ovulation cycle”, were given urine tests to determine ovulation and each woman’s most fertile period was pinpointed. The women were “photographed from their most fertile to their least fertile period.”

Then, the women’s faces in the photographs were blacked out, and the photographs “presented to strangers (men and women) with the question, who is trying to look hot or not? Forty-two people participated and in 60 percent of the cases – a frequency well beyond random chance – the people picked the ‘highest fertility’ photo.”

“It seems that a subtle event in biochemistry has an observable and pretty dramatic impact on how women dress to impress when the chances to conceive are highest.”

"Spirituality & Health Magazine," March-April 2007, p. 36


“Dating is a social engagement with the threat of sex at its conclusion.”

P.J. O’Rourke


Puntare (Italian) – To stare intensely at the one to whom one feels sexually attracted.


New York City, 1965

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