Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Found Poem #6

© 2007 by Julius Lester

Found Poem #6

One of the interesting things
about being the
president is
you don’t see much mail,
curiously enough.
The only thing I can tell
you is that
I rely
on my instincts.
I just knew
that at some point in time,
the American people were going to say,
Where is he?
What are you doing?
Where’s your leadership?
Where is the United States?
You are all powerful.
Do something.

George W. Bush, in the fall, 2001, quoted in Bush at War by Bob Woodward, [168]


above-wonderful more than wonderful.


Tell someone he or she is "above-wonderful".


This is #5 in the series "Alone, Herself".
This was taken in January, 2001, in Santa Monica, California, where
my wife saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time and danced with it.